1. a cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture.


Slay In Korea is a platform for Korean hip hop, a growing and developing subculture in South Korea. Its mission is twofold.

As a Korean hip hop platform, Slay In Korea strives to be both of the following:

  1. A platform to help lesser known Korean hip hop artists launch their careers.
  2. A platform to help international Korean hip hop fans explore the Korean hip hop scene and enjoy new or never before seen Korean hip hop artists.

Content Marketing & Content Curating

Slay In Korea both generates content and gathers content, putting it in one place, on one platform. It sets out to be the go-to source for informational and inspirational content for international Korean hip hop fans.

As a go-to-source for Korean hip hop, Slay in Korea creates the following content for international Korean hip hop fans, providing more than just music and news:

Who is Jin Joo?

Slay In Korea is written entirely by Jin Joo (진주), a 27 years young lawyer-turned-writer who quit her day job after spending all day at her desk daydreaming about a better life.

Jin Joo is also an accomplished blogger and aspiring businesswoman, and she hopes Slay In Korea, her brainchild, grows and develops right along with the Korean hip hop scene she’s come to love oh-so much.