Clubbing in Itaewon

Get Down and Dirty at Soap Seoul in Itaewon

Sneak Peek: If you want to go clubbing in Seoul, South Korea, try Soap Seoul in Itaewon. It's the perfect place to go to get down and dirty on the dance floor—just don't forget to get your free drink at the bar! If you are ready to explore and experience Soap for yourself, read more.

Soap Seoul in Itaewon

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Images by 이한영 (Lee Han-young) via The Bling Magazine

Soap Seoul is one of the only clubs in Itaewon where the line outside is longer than the line inside. You know, the one for the bathroom. It can take anywhere from one minute to one hour to get in, but it’s always worth the wait even in Seoul’s Winter Wonderland weather—I mean, Winter What-the-fuck-land weather.

Speaking of bathrooms, it’s not every night you stumble on a club where the bathroom is almost as entertaining as the bar, but don’t worry. Despite the minty fresh dispensable mouthwash in the bathroom (and the bright blue bars of soap on the bar), you can still get down and dirty at Soap.

As famous local and international DJs play house, hip hop, and every genre of music in between, the dance floor stays full. The drinks also keep flowing. You never know who will make a special guest appearance or performance, either, even when the lineup has been announced in advance.

The Cut held their first showcase, The Cut Presents, shortly after Soap’s opening night. The lineup for the highly anticipated event featured some of everyone’s favorite Korean hip hop artists.

Here’s why hundreds of local and international Korean hip hop fans waited in line for up to four hours—yes, four hours—just to get a glimpse of the music, the musicians, and the magic:

  • Jay Park
  • Ugly Duck
  • Sik-K
  • DPR Live
  • Jinbo
  • Sumin
  • and more

Believe it or not, The Cut Presents is always free with RSVP. Of course, its first come, first serve.

By the way, the bathroom at Soap is the best bathroom—and the cleanest bathroom—out of all the clubs in Itaewon. Have I mentioned the “smoking shower room” next to it? You can only smoke there, so wash off the signature scent of Seoul nightlife (cigarettes and cocktails) somewhere else.

The 411

If you are ready to explore and experience Soap for yourself, then here’s everything you need to know about one of Itaewon’s coolest clubs. Of course, if you still have any questions, comments, or concerns, then please leave a comment on this blog post. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Address & Directions

English: 132-3 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Korean: 서울시 용산구 이태원동 132-3

Make a U-turn at Itaewon station exit three (이태원역 3번출구). Do not cross the street! Instead, turn left at the intersection and walk straight for about 10 seconds. Turn left at Sultan Kebab and walk straight for about 10 seconds until you come to the first street on your right. Soap Seoul is located at the end of this street. Just look for G Guesthouse!

Days & Hours

Soap is open from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Cover, Dress Code & Coat Check

Cover is 20,000 KRW (18 USD). If you pay cover, then you get one free drink.

Men and women are welcome to dress up or down, but slippers and flip-flops are not allowed.

Coat check costs 3,000 KRW (2 USD).

Drinks & VIP Services

  • Shots starting from 7,000 KRW (6 USD)
  • Beer starting from 8,000 KRW (7 USD)
  • Cocktails starting from 8,000 KRW (7 USD)
  • Bottles starting from 80,000 KRW (73 USD)

Book your table with bottle service here.

Valet parking is available, and VIP guests do not have to wait in line to get in.

Korean Hip Hop Parties & Events

Although Soap is not a hip hop club, many Korean hip hop parties are held there, including The Cut Presents and Freakalive. Many Korean hip hop artists and a few international ones have performed there, too.

Sik-K, OFFONOFF, and Duvv held their album release parties at Soap. Crush and Dean are known for hopping on sets with the owners, the DJs of Pute Deluxe: Didi Han, BRLLNT, Yann Cavaille, About Julian, and Fallens.

Special Parties & Events

The Red Bull 3Style, a world DJ championship, was held at Soap in 2017, and the official after party for the Itaewon Global Village Festival was also held there this year.

Social Media

Visit and follow Soap’s official Facebook and Instagram for more information on the latest parties and events taking place.



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