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English Lyrics: “Noir” by Prima Music Group

Sneak Peek: English lyrics for "Noir" by Prima Music Group, a Korean hip hop record label with Korean rappers NO:EL, Jay Moon, Kyu Young, X.Q and QUAIMO.

“Noir” by Prima Music Group


Sponsor hoodie on my what.
I live the way I want.
Jealous of my lifestyle.
Don’t just look at me.
Try to follow this sh*t.
People who become leaders, let me tell you.
They have a skill of only having to show off.
The meaning behind my pictures is a little different, OK?
Upgraded necklace.
This year [/or b*tch] is named G.I.Venchy.
Celebrity lifestyles are crazy.
Where is privacy?
Those old bastard rappers have to earn money
to make it. They’re so f*cking far from cool.
F*ck it.
Prima, we—let’s make money.
I’m [/a] celebrity.
We made it—made it.
Made it. I threw away a few words.
I give my all and spit 16 [/i.e., the typical amount of lines or bars in a rap verse].
Those rappers are pissed off again.
Oppa [/referring to himself] isn’t even close with rappers.
Crawling [/?] in my DM.
F*ck know-hows. F*ck knowledge.
And shit who
that be talkin ’bout a trend?
Prima Family by my side.
Are you smirking? The culture of judging [/loosely translated]…
Take off your earring [/possibly dissing Young B, his rival on High School Rapper], then talk to me.
F*ck your squad and b*tches.
your families and crew, too.
If you’re proud of it, that title—
I’m going to take it over.

(Jay Moon)

I really need that Aventador, black. Yeah.
Fly Jay [/Jay Moon’s nickname] fans, my training skills are like daycare.
Make a cheat sheet and come.
I don’t love to play fair.
Entry to my concerts is restricted.
We’re like f*ckin’ gang bangers.
Yeah, that’s right. We’re going to make it.
We [/are] the trendsetters.
We’re going to make any album [/that we want].
Give me fan letters.
Yeah, f*ck my enemies.
F*ck ’em ol’ friends. I’m a born sinner.
Yeah, I’m looking at the things I have right now.
Here is my home theater.
Popularity, it’ll come back to me if I turn away.
My bank account is alive and well, mothaf*cka.
It’s living and breathing, mothaf*cka.
You’re hungry? Like Bill Stax,
open a buffet [/referring to Bill Stax (formerly known as Vasco) and his mixtape, Buffet], muhf*cka.
It’s my turn, muhf*cka.
My next move is war. My gangs [/will] attack.
M*hfucka, you want muhf*ckin more.
Send these kids to yoga.
They’re not flexible enough.
Their faces harden when I talk.
You [/kids], go talk about my expression
behind my back now. Ay.
I got no time.
I’m going to talk about the future again.
Spoiler ’bout my Noir.
I’m talking about the future.

(Kyu Young)

It’s better to move than sit around like a fool.
Yeah, baby, wilder [/literally, badder],
moving and making me crazy again.
The flyers on top of the streets…
The sign’s lights that were off during the day…
A neon sign links arms with me.
A beautiful lady does her makeup. Ah.
Oh, oh, oh, yeah.
Our misunderstandings remain misunderstandings.
Oh, oh, oh, yeah.
Tomorrow we won’t know each other anymore.
Oh, oh, oh, yeah.
If I’m right, then it’s over after that.
I don’t want to become ashes. Being faster
than everyone else is an asset.
A kid more weak than innocent. Ah.
A few regrets.
I lost what I lost. What’s left I’ll tattoo…
I’ll carve my father on my chest.
In order to succeed, in this city
who do I believe?
Yeah, I pray for my family.
You wait in my arms. Even if you cry,
I’ll comfort you when I have to. Yeah.


I’m not interested in your body [/literally, your waist or your legs].
Shout out [/to] ma b*tches and hoes.
Make it happen, then come back.
My team, my crew—we all have to make money, you know.

I’m not interested in your body [/literally, your waist or your legs].
Shout out [/to] ma b*tches and hoes.
Make it happen, then come back.
My team, my crew—we all have to make money, you know.

I rose to the top after being on the bottom for a long time.
Who ignored me?
You and you and you, call me.
I’m Prima—Prima—Prima.
I don’t pay attention to you—not even to your wad of gum [/in Korea chewing gum is associated with delinquent behavior].
I’m Prima—Prima—Prima.
I lived life like a yellow [/i.e., giallo] or noir film.
To my girlfriends from the past,
I’ve become the meaning of “The Truth In Wine,”
and the friends from the past who threw me away
are so busy envying me they could die. Uh.
Why are you so shy?
You’re the ones who left me first.
Ask my CEO,
“How is that kid X.Q doing these days?”
Damn, I’ll tell you.
I feel good everyday—everyday.
It was all in vain.
Your shot glass was light.
“Broship” [/i.e., friendship], lasting a few hours…
Just shut your mouth.
How many times will you
keep using the same verse?
It’s only good for half a year.
Your level and my level,
do you really think they’re the same?
Next to me is—


From dusk ’til dawn,
we’re riding—riding—riding—riding.
If you’re not on our team, then go f*ck yourself.
We take it all, even your spot.
Raise a black cape.
We walked down countless dirty streets.
You ain’t sh*t.
F*ck off. I already
saw thousands and thousands of devils.
If life is a movie,
then where the hell is the ending?
My place is in the credits,
but whatever my role was, I kill ’em.
Completely stepping on p*ssy rappers.
A life that’s too sweet…
Ah, successful baby steps. So romantic.
I f*cked you like I would give you everything,
but I pretended not to know about your sadness.
Um, Jay Moon told me.
Hate is a luxury for rookies here.
Yeah, you young and stupid souls,
hurry up and find a different career [/literally, path].
Yeah, the sound of something breaking goes clang.
Yeah, the sound of something breaking goes clang.
Yeah, your expression becomes a grimace.
Yeah, your expression becomes a grimace.
I always get them in trouble.
Young stupid *ss mo—
f*cker, still scene-stealing.
Just us—just us, stackin paper.
Yeah, f*ck off, money. Beggar-like 16 [/lines].
Yeah, we get it. Yeah, we get it.
Hate us.
Prima f*ckin’ donna.
In every movie theater,
you’re going to see us, you know?



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