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English Lyrics: “Universe” by Ego feat. Dumb Glitch

Sneak Peek: English lyrics for "Universe" by Ego featuring Dumb Glitch.

“Universe” by Ego feat. Dumb Glitch


Bright. I feel the universe when I hold you.
There’s a place so far away that I’ve never seen it before. Would you
show me? The view of the floating moon from behind,
as if only I could enter it, too. Hold my hand, baby.
I don’t need to talk about it. [I’m] ready.
I let everything go. To me,
even if things are a little new it’s OK.
So, we get it. Blue light shines on us.
It’s too cold to come down [/literally, fall down] right now.
If you start to blush, [/then I’ll] turn off the light.
Even if I turn off all the lights in this room, I can still see you.
The moment I cling to you so tightly that my fingers turn blue,
my entire body reacts.
Before you start screaming [/i.e. cries of pleasure], show me the universe.
A universe that has never seen the touch of your hands, not even once,
is in front of me.
I feel so high above the clouds with you.
Alright, alright.
Oh, baby. Let’s ride.
We’ve thrown away the five senses or whatever (we don’t need them),
and move any way we want without any rhyme or reason [/literally, rules], more and more.
We [/f*ck] ’til the sun comes up.
Ah, baby. I’ll make it so that no one can describe you simply or easily.
You’re like the universe.
You’re like the universe.
You’re like the universe.
You’re like the universe.
You’re like the universe.

My eyes, which are glazed over and heavy lidded,
are barely opened.
I feel an even more dreamlike feeling.
I play it. Of course I know it: your favorite song.
I’ll never stop. Get ready.
Just let it play for the two of us until the morning comes.
The ground gets farther and farther away.
We float above the clouds.
It’s about us right now.
We’re in a much darker place, baby.
Our strong scent fills the air.
‘Cause, baby, we so on it.
Baby, we so on it.
F*cked up, and I’m high right now.
It’s not alcohol or whatever. It’s nothin’ [/like that].
We swim out to the universe, so far away.
We keep floating, like that satellite over there.
I’m feelin’ like a satellite,
a satellite in the universe.
I’m feelin’ like a satellite,
in the universe… in the universe.

(Dumb Glitch)

All I see are clouds.
After them, in the distance, darkness is thrown up [/like vomit]. The view in front of me is gushing out, and it’s indistinguishable.
Feel it now, a blue wave.
At that moment you say that you spilled the Milky Way.
Of course, we used it all up. Burn.
It’s aged. Stood
the test of time and gets more beautiful with age.
When my emotions collide, a star lights my eyes.
Come to me, now. We’ll be a team in this universe.
I feel like I’m being sucked into a blackhole.
I told you that you’re dangerous. Without a safety net,
I know I’m reckless.
How is it? What’s in front of me is pretty,
but take a look. It’s just the two of us, and my view of you is magnificent.
Weightless, we ride on top of the waves.
Armstong, but I don’t know Neil.



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