Show Me The Money Season 6 Episode 3: English Summary

Sneak Peek: Find out what happened on episode three of Show Me The Money season six, with English translations, behind the scenes stories, and more.


After a quick recap of Show Me The Money season six episode two (read the full English summary here), episode three starts with two more round two preliminary auditions, which are 60 second solo auditions in front of all four teams. Both Haengju (Rhythm Power) and Sleepy passed round two preliminaries.



Haengju explained that the stress of failing a previous season of SMTM gave him a lot of health problems. Right now, he can’t see out of his left eye. According to his doctor, his life is also in danger.

“I’m just enjoying every moment, whether I can see what’s in front of me or not. If I do that, then won’t I get better?” – Haengju



Sleepy, who was cursed by Korean netizens for messing up his lyrics during round one preliminaries, explained that he just wanted to pass round two preliminaries, which he described as a “fire-hole.” His cute choice of words made everyone crack up and seemed to calm down some of his own butterflies.

Remember that I was Jiggy Fellaz. / A crew like Illionaire, Hi-Lite and Vismajor. / Now, the majority of hip hop music is mainstream [/literally, “market” or commercialized]. / Everybody wants to be a rapper. / Expensive cars, 2 chainz and rollies [referring to Illionaire’s song]. / Even if I don’t have them, all the girls want me. / I’ll admit it if I’m not cool, or you can just apply on the internet [i.e., write comments on an article like a Korean netizen]. Yeah. / People who don’t respect me because I went mainstream can just f*ck off. / I’m thankful for Show Me The Money, because now we can all make money. / 100 hundred albums every month. / In this generation of fast change, I’m a rapper who’s already been around for a long time. / Sleepy is a bad rapper? No, I’ll show you and prove it [/that I’m a good rapper] to you. / Show and prove. Believe and listen. No doubt. Man. / Sleepy the sensation.

The following contestants also passed round two preliminaries, and their auditions are available on Naver TV:

Boi B, Microdot and more also passed, and 70 hopeful contestants in total made it to round three of preliminary auditions.



Show Me The Money 6 brought back one on one rap battles for round three preliminaries, but things are a little different on this season of the much loved, much hated Korean hip hop competition show.


  1. The rappers who passed round one and round two preliminaries rated each other’s performances during round two preliminaries. They gave each other overall scores ranging from 1 to 10.
  2. During round three preliminaries, rappers were picked randomly. When their name was called, an average of their overall scores was shown.
  3. They could only pick a rapper who said he or she could beat them.


P-Type was picked first. The average of his overall score was 7.0, putting him in 45th place. Of the 70 rappers present, 53 said that they could beat him in a one on one rap battle.

“[P-Type has] a first-generation kind of flow.” –  An unknown rapper

“[P-Type is a] rap veteran amongst rap veterans, but it’s time he was laid to rest [/literally, go into a coffin].” – An unknown rapper

In the end, P-Type chose Digiri, another first-generation rapper. Digiri’s average of his overall score wasn’t revealed, but it put him in 69th place. Lee Yongjin, JJK, Choi Nakjun, Tyno, Haengju all chose Digiri or P-Type as their ideal (and easy) opponent.

Woo Wonjae


Woo Wonjae gave himself 10 points. It seems like everyone else did, too. His average overall score was 9.1, putting him in 3rd place. After having a change of heart, he chose to go against Ignito. It’ll be a battle between two devils.



MNet brings up Junoflo and Hash Swan again, but don’t worry about MNet’s editing. New Champ wanted to give Junoflo 100 points, and his average overall score was 9.5. He tied for 1st place with Nucksal, but we’ll have to find out who he picked as his opponent later.

Other Rappers

  • New Champ teased Sleepy but didn’t pick him.
  • Sleepy teased everyone, but he didn’t pick Maniac even though Maniac wanted to battle him.
  • Hanhae picked Los.
  • Myundo (17th place) and Punchnello (22nd place) were the last two left and teamed up with each other by default.


After Jay Park says let’s get it for the millionth time, round three preliminaries are finally ready to start. Here are the results of each of the eight matches (upsets are in red):

  1. Microdot versus Maniac (Maniac FTW in one round)
  2. P-Type versus Digiri (Tie in the first round, P-Type FTW in the second round)
  3. Killagramz versus Kjun (Killagramz FTW in one round)
  4. Woo Wonjae versus Ignito (Tie in the first round, Woo Wonjae FTW in the second round)
  5.  Tyno versus Nes (Nes FTW in one round)
  6. Junoflo versus SimBA the ZAWADI (Junoflo FTW in one round)
  7. Penomeco versus Asol (Asol FTW in one round)
  8. Boi B versus Black Nine (Black Nine FTW in one round)


  • I’ve provided rough Korean to English translations for this episode and apologize for any and all errors in advance.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to complete this episode’s English summary in a timely fashion even though I started it last week.
  • Since English subtitles for this episode are already out, I didn’t pick up where I left off, which was at part two of round three preliminaries.
  • Watch Show Me The Money season 6 episode three with English subtitles by Khiphop Subs right here.
  • This was my favorite episode of SMTM 6 so far, although I’m sad to see so many of my favorites leaving the show, especially Boi B!
  • The judging this season is on point, simply because they’re being fair. They’re giving new faces and new names in the Korean hip hop scene a chance to shine, which is what SMTM is all about.

One comment

  1. Loving your summary complete with commentary! Please keep it up. I mean, I watch the KHipHop subbed eps, but I enjoy reading about your personal thoughts on the show too. This is actually my first time watching SMTM because I have only recently discovered the magical world of K-HipHop and K-RnB, and man was the producer lineup fire! Really couldn’t pass up watching it.

    Anyway, this being my introduction to the MNet’s editing ethics (or lack thereof), the overreactions and over-editing of said overreactions which are so blatantly taken out of context (Like, do the producers really get shocked over and over again every time the host explains the season’s new “harsh” and “cruel” twist before every other contestant takes the stage? And if you pay enough attention, you’ll easily notice how they recycle peoples’ reaction shots for different occasions. Ugh.) still bothers me a lot. I’ve read online how much criticism they’ve taken for numerous accounts of “evil editing” over the years, but they still have the gall to just keep on keepin’ on? Even respected hip-hop artists (like Dynamic Duo and MFBTY themselves) have condemned their shit, but eventually gave in to become part of the show because of its undeniable influence and success. I wish a different network would develop a hip-hop star search show of their own. Or that the fans and artists (both aspiring contestants and producers) could stand united and boycott SMTM to pressure them to straighten their shit out.

    Another bone I have to pick with the show is about how veterans keep joining and taking up spots that new, undiscovered talents could’ve gotten. I’ve read about how hard it is to get by in Korea as a hip-hop artist (Double K’s story is a prime example), and I sympathize with them, but I still can’t help but wish they’d give a chance to others instead.


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