Show Me The Money Season 6 Episode 2: English Summary

Sneak Peek: Find out what happened on episode two of Show Me The Money season six, with English translations, behind the scenes stories and more.


Show Me The Money season six episode two opens up with a brief recap and review of episode one (read the English summary for episode one right here) followed by a preview of episode two.

Round one preliminaries, solo auditions in front of one of eight judges, aired on SMTM 6 episode one. It recorded record ratings and topped real-time search engine results on Naver and Daum, the Googles of South Korea.

The first half of round two preliminaries, 60 second solo auditions in front of all eight judges, aired on SMTM 6 episode two.

Team Jay Park and Dok2

“I hope Double K survives every round and wins the show in the end.” – Jay Park

 Team Dynamic Duo

“Nucksal is a strong candidate to win the show.” – Choiza

Team Tiger JK and Bizzy

“Double K is a strong candidate to win the show.” – Tiger JK

Preliminaries: Round 1

After the opening segment, SMTM 6 episode two jumps right into the rest of the round one preliminary solo auditions but saves the best, Double K’s, for last.

Haengju (Rhythm Power)


Haengju suddenly decided to audition for SMTM 6 after seeing his teammate, Geegooin, forget his lyrics and fail in front of Tiger JK. After a sleepless night, he showed up and stood up for his friend and fellow rapper, leaving Zico, Choiza and Gaeko impressed by his laid-back flow and lyricism.

Yo. I speed down the highway, the present hope of Incheon. / I’m the Korean of the future. / Even after eating, I think I’ll still be hungry. / You can’t ignore Incheon’s crew, but you’re not invited to be in it, too. / I’m stuck in the middle, surrounded by jealousy. / My middle finger stands up for what’s right. / A generous attitude, ‘cuz I’m the best. / I play the game and beat a new level. / The end is obvious. You’re the one surrendering.



Sleepy is a member of Untouchable and Jiggy Fellaz. He’s worked with everyone in the current Korean hip hop scene from Bill Stax (formerly known as Vasco) to Beenzino to Chancellor (formerly known as Chance of Oneway), but he’s known to the public as a comedian and celebrity, not a rapper.

He’s got a lot to prove. During a radio broadcast, he didn’t hesitate to admit that he’s a “rookie” who has no right to be a producer. At the end of the day, he just wants to show everyone that “a guy named Sleepy” is a rapper (not just a comedian and celebrity)—and not a bad rapper to boot.

Although his performance during round one was shaky, he shook Zico’s heart and ears with his unique, high-pitched voice and unbelievably honest lyrics. His solo audition marked him as an underdog for SMTM 6.

Yeah. All the top musicians ignore my phone calls. / It doesn’t hurt my pride. I know my position [/in the Korean hip hop scene]. / I’m the one who will transform, starting from the bottom and rising to the top. / Someday, I’ll also get a beat from Gray. / If you turn on the TV, then you’ll see me. / Even your parents know my name. / I’m used to being the center of attention. / It’s not far from me. My time is coming. / Get in my car. / Haters, please don’t kill my vibe. Yeah.

Double K


Double K performed in front of Tiger JK, who pretended to think about whether or not to give him a chain once he was through dropping verses like bombs. Dok2, who dropped everything to watch the living legend, also gave him a chain. So, it was double chains for Double K.

I tried to go on easy on you, but why do you keep selling that dirt [/talking sh*t]? / This is my zone. You can’t sell junk food here. / Ya’ll don’t wanna see me go berserk, so back off. / It doesn’t matter how hard you try. Your sh*t is weak. / Your flow is copied and pasted from American rappers. / Birds of a feather flock together, scamming the youth. / Don’t throw away hip hop’s image. / It’s a simple chemistry, simple math. / So, show me the money. / I showed you, didn’t I? I’m the stage’s blueprint [/referring to the fact that he won season one of SMTM with Loco]. / Even if you don’t want to admit, the truth remains the same. I started this. / We all stood in line. / If I’m looking for the real deal, then I don’t have to go as far away as ya’ll. / I just have to stare at myself in the mirror, ya’ll. / You wanna be good? / But I’m trying to be great. / I’ll tell you again. The difference between us is that you spend every day unprepared and ungrateful for your blessings. You don’t wanna try, you don’t wanna die. / But, I’m ready to die for this sh*t, bruh.

More Korean Rappers Who Passed Round 1 Preliminaries

  • Truedy
  • Myundo
  • Hanhae
  • Kasper
  • Microdot
  • P-Type
  • Olltii
  • JJK
  • J’kyun
  • Changstarr
  • Woodie Go Child
  • and more

Preliminaries: Round 2

Following round one preliminaries, round two preliminaries heated things up even more, starting with a tense exchange between the rappers from South Korea and the rappers from New York and Los Angeles.

The judges were excited to see the set and stage for round two, which featured a familiar pit of fire. It’s set to spark and flame when the contestants fail, bringing the phrase going down in a blaze of glory to life (or death).

Team Zico and Dean

“Hot! Hot!” – Zico

Team Jay Park and Dok2

“Are there sharks swimming underneath the stage this year? Is the fire stronger this year?” – Dok2

“Are you trying to cook the contestants?” – Jay Park

After a round two “tutorial” taught by Dok2 (how to sit on the sofas, what buttons to press, etc.), the judges were finally ready for the first contestant: Penomeco.

Penomeco (All Pass)


Jay Park suddenly asked Penomeco if he was in the same crew (Fanxy Child) as Zico and Dean, which could give him an unfair advantage. After all, the show shouldn’t be about who you know. It should be about how you do.

Don’t be fooled by MNet and fall into their trap. Don’t forget the fact that Korean rappers like Junoflo and Hash Swan are actually in the same record label as some of the judges, Feel Ghood Music (Tiger JK) and Ambition Musik (Dok2) respectively.

Penomeco was open about his relationship with Zico, which started when they studied abroad together in Japan as middle school and high school students. Zico was also open about their relationship. They started rapping together.

Dean made it clear that Penomeco is a talented rapper. Zico even let everyone know he is his biggest inspiration. Whether he’s in their crew or not, he belongs on SMTM 6.

Look at the wrinkles on your forehead. / Why do you get upset over useless things? Screaming, shouting. / A keyboard that doesn’t get dirty, and the dust is piling up now—as if it knows how you feel. / We ain’t got no time. / We’re too busy being in love with each other. / If you don’t like it, just go and love yourself. / I’ll never change ’til I die. / Pedal to the medal. / It’s the P-E-N-O for the medal. / Everybody is lookin’ up. Oops, oops. / This is a drama for me. / The curtain doesn’t fall, and I stay up all night. / I’m awake, and my stamina never decreases. / It all sounds the same. / If you were sitting still and thinking this would be easy… [/sorry]. / Please don’t lie. / You don’t even try. / I’m nailing it on top of your head. Hashtaggin’: ’til I die. / Yeah, now I’m lookin’ good. / Better go and look at you. / This song will reach heaven.

Junoflo (All Pass)

2e (edit).png

Everyone was anticipating the return of Junoflo, who always gets nervous before he goes on stage. He felt the pressure more than ever but was back and at his best, anyway.

Jay Park loved his stage presence and manners, especially the peace signs he threw up at the end. He even said that Junoflo could win SMTM 6 as long as he doesn’t lose his current momentum.

When asked by Zico if he would beat Hash Swan if they faced each other in round three of preliminaries again, Junoflo answered and said that he better not lose.

You already know. Chosen one? / You have no choice but to look at me and nod your head in agreement. / One thing is for sure. / I’ve saved music. / Foolish, you better pay attention. / Or, I’ll make you crawl on your knees. / My weapon is my tongue. I was born with it holding 44. / Two times the firepower. / Cut it up. Eat it up. / Lookin’ like sushi. / Imagination is something you can’t turn into money. / Just like that, money stays on my mind. / Told ya’ll that I’ll be back. / ‘Til I be OG at T-O-P. / Fly like a bird, sting like a bee. That’s Ali. / This is a harmony you can’t see anywhere else. / Feel Ghood Music. Like I said, I feel good.

Black Nine (All Pass)


Black Nine is a new face, which is rare in the Korean hip hop scene, especially SMTM 6 where it seems like everyone is someone we’ve already seen before. He was picked by Tiger JK in round one of preliminaries, and the judges were excited to see him perform.

I’ve stayed in this place through persistence and tenacity. / If I have one hundred scars, then I’ve got 100 growth rings [/like the rings on a tree]. / I hate sweet things like miracles. / The reality I know, right now… / A cruel dream, aiming at me. / Mission and vision. / Won’t my voice touch you? / I shout louder and louder, more and more every time. / I never stop until it hurts. I always do things the way I want. / But, [/I’m] better than yesterday. I’m a master. / I don’t need to scream [/to be heard]. / Closer and closer [/to my dream], that’s enough for me. / I haven’t changed. I’m still the same. / Black Nine, Black Nine. What? My epic rhyme. / With anyone, my enemies Achille’s heel… / Remember the number in my name. / The number 9 that turned SMTM 6 upside down [6 upside down is 9].

Woo Wonjae (All Pass)


Woo Wonjae is another new face, and he introduced himself as a student (he attends Hongik University) and musician who has only been making music for one year, maybe one year and a half. He wants to stay away from “swag” and tell his story through hip hop.

You know, there are times… / There are times when I feel like I’m the star of the show. / But, do you know? / It’s only when the show is a tragedy. / My mom told me. / “Son, there’s no such thing as a happy ending.” / Ah, mom, there’s no such thing as Hell. / *Censored by MNet.* / Two bags of pills are all I know—they’re everything to me, ay. / Let me explain those two bags of pills. / Every day completely destroys my will to live [/literally, life], ay. / Doctor, *censored*, why are my days the only days that are destroyed? / My friend is calling a *censored* like me from the army. / I know he told me life is worth living [/literally, pretty]. / *Censored* but it feels like I’m just struggling to breathe in Hell and barely surviving. / F*ck. Positive is a good word, but it’s only a word. / Don’t tell me to be happy. / You can fool me once, but you can’t fool me twice. I’m not going to get in your way. / So, just live your life. Just pay attention to your own brighter and better days.

Young B (Failed by Team Tiger JK and Bizzy)


Everybody wants to be Young B, down to his cross earrings, which Zico noticed everyone wearing. However, Young B denies being a trend setter. In response, Tiger JK fails him and tells him to take responsibility for his actions and presence in the Korean hip hop scene, his power and influence over Korean youth.

Let’s go. D-I-C-K. / I need money. / I *censored* sexy older women. / I unbutton my shirt. / I’ve never been cute. I’m always tough. / Young rappers smile when they see me. / Don’t hide *censored*. / Just be honest and tell me it’s your first time. / Move your *Censored* up and down, like twerk. / Upgrade my tongue. / Go running in my street. / From D-I-C-K-I-D-S. / The rest of you rappers get beat up, stayin’ underneath me. / No, you’re heating up fast food. / You pay for lyrics that are as broke as you are. / You don’t know a damn thing about consideration. / You’ve been around for a few years. / You don’t even have more haters than me. / I’m telling you why I’m different as I spit these rhymes. / I turned around. / Stand in line behind me.

More Korean Rappers Who Passed Round 2 Preliminaries

  • P-Type (Korean rapper and producer signed to Brand New Music)
  • Ignito, aka “The Devil” (underground Korean rapper)
  • Ato (female Korean rapper)
  • Asol (female Korean rapper)
  • Truedy (female Korean rapper)
  • Woodie Go Child (Korean rookie rapper)
  • Killagramz (Korean American rapper signed to Cycadelic Records)
  • Maniac (First generation Korean and African-American rapper—and OG of Uptown)
  • Jo Woochan (“Kid” rapper and the second Dok2)
  • Digiri (First generation Korean rapper)
  • Nucksal (Korean rapper signed to Vismajor Company)
  • Young B (the winner of High School Rapper)

Korean Rappers Who Failed Round 2 Preliminaries

  • Na Sangwook (high school student from New York)
  • Rudals (contestant on High School Rapper)
  • J’Kyun (Korean rapper)
  • Kebee, aka “The Angel” (Korean rapper)
  • Sick Boi (Korean American rapper formerly signed to Cycadelic records)
  • Absint (Korean American rapper signed to Cycadelic Records)
  • Rekstizzy (Korean-American rapper)
  • NO:EL (High School Rapper “drop-out”)


쇼미더머니 가사 절었을때 리액션 모음 . . . . #쇼미더머니6

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“A collection of reactions to rappers who forget their lyrics on Show Me The Money.” – Yoon Seyoon (comedian)

  • I’ve provided rough Korean to English translations for this episode and apologize for any and all errors in advance.
  • Microdot said Na Sangwook would have passed if he would have said anything, even “I love you mom and dad.” I agree, especially since he only had a few seconds left on the clock. He’s easily the most disappointing round two fail in the history of SMTM. Yup, I’m counting all six seasons.
  • P-Type rapped to the same beat from SMTM 4. He remembered his lines, but he sounded a little too old and outdated to some of the judges. He didn’t get an All Pass, but we’ll still get to see more of him in round three of preliminaries.
  • A lot of Korean rappers like Junoflo and Blacknine are from Uijeongbu, and Dok2 asked if anyone was from Yeouido.
  • Can someone please give Woo Wonjae a hug?
  • The judges say they want more female rappers on the show, but there are even less than before.
  • Asol dissed Truedy and said even if you make “black music” (what they call hip hop, R&B, etc. in South Korea) you can’t follow black people … even if you try. They even cut to Truedy when she’s rapping those lines. However, I really don’t like her voice. Is it just me?
  • Zico told Truedy he was disappointed in her lack of growth and development over the past two years. Gaeko told her she needs to work on herself and her style more—much, much more. After all, she is still considered a copycat rapper of Yoon Mirae, which is why she was unable to promote herself and her music positively after winning season two of Unpretty Rap Star. Tiger JK, husband of Yoon Mirae, just told her congratulations.
  • The judges joked and said Dean doesn’t have to talk since he is good looking, and he replied and said he is talking with his facial expressions and body language.
  • Woodie Go Child is a part of the Secret Society family. He’s my little brother, and I knew he would be on the show (again), but I didn’t know he would get screen time this time. I can’t wait to see more of him.
  • Digiri could be a victim of MNet’s “devil” editing, or not. He admitted to half-*ssing his performance and didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with that. Tiger JK admitted he was wrong and apologized for passing him after-the-fact.
  • Nucksal performed his own hit song, playing it safe. Better safe than sorry, but now I have to wait until episode three to see how good his stages can be.


  1. thanks for the recap and I agree about Na Sangwook, poor guy should have gotten a pass, makes no sense digiri got a pass but I’m sure he will get eaten alive by the other rappers in the next episode.


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