Show Me The Money Season 6 Episode 1: English Summary

Sneak Peek: Find out what happened on episode one of Show Me The Money season six, with English translations, behind the scenes stories and more.


Show Me The Money just keeps getting better and better, and episode one of season six started off with a bang. There were crowds of contestants, and each of the judges was seen doing different things in different places while holding the same signature SMTM 6 chain.

Dok2 and Jay Park managed to make the most of their SMTM 6 opening shoot despite making complaint after complaint on Instagram while it took place. Dok2 drives a fast car (slowly) while Jay Park flexes with the SMTM 6 chain hanging out of the window.

Apart from Zico, Dean and Bizzy, all of the judges on this season of Show Me The Money are CEOs at some of the hottestĀ Korean hip hop record labels. They paired up to make four teams, as follows:

  1. Team Zico (Seven Seasons) and Dean (Universal Music Group)
  2. TeamĀ Jay Park (AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS) and Dok2 (Illionaire Records)
  3. Team Dynamic Duo, with Choiza and Gaeko of Dynamic Duo (Amoeba Culture)
  4. Team Tiger JK (Feel Ghood Music) and Bizzy (Jungle Entertainment)

As the eight judges finally took the stage amidst sparks and screams, a slew of familiar faces from past seasons flew by. So did a few familiar faces—famous Korean rappers in the Korean hip hop scene—who are competing on Show Me The Money for the first time. Did you catch them all?

  • NucksalĀ Nucksal is a Korean rapper well known for his fast flow and tight rhymes. He’s one of the best Korean rappers you will ever hear live, and he performed at Hiphopplaya Festival, The Henz Club and more in 2016.Ā Surprisingly, it’s his first time on Show Me The Money.
  • P-Type (SMTM 4)Ā P-Type is a Korean rapper and producer, although he’s better known as the latter. He’s produced high quality albums with Korean hip hop artists like G2, Kieth Ape and Jinbo.Ā That’s why veterans and rookies in the Korean hip hop scene were so shocked to see him forget his lyrics and fail round two preliminaries during Show Me The Money season four.
  • myunDO (SMTM 5)Ā myunDO was an instant favorite for his song and dance, “Sniffin’ My Ambition“, which he performed on Show Me The Money season five’s round two preliminaries. His controversial victory over Woo Taewoon (Zico’s older brother) in round three was short lived. He didn’t last long once the competition got hotter and harder, but he signed to Feel Ghood Music when the season ended.
  • SleepyĀ Sleepy is best known as a Korean celebrity. He’s also the best friend of Din Din, Korean rapper and celebrity, don’t confuse him with Dean (like Onesun). He was married to comedian Lee Gukjoo on MBC’s reality TV show, We Got Married, and he definitely has something to prove on this season of Show Me The Money: his skills as a rapper.
  • Olltii (SMTM 3)Ā Olltii is back, but will he be better than ever? This freestyle rapper is a familiar face from Show Me The Money’s early years, and he’s got the experience to shake things up this season—if he makes it past the first round of auditions.
  • Hash Swan (SMTM 5)Ā Hash Swan shot to fame almost overnight after shocking the Korean hip hop scene with his high-pitched tone and high-quality bars on Show Me The Money season five. He doesn’t just rhyme. He makes puns and plays around with words like a professional athlete. After making an early and unexpected departure (he picked Team Zion.T and Kush, but they didn’t pick him), he signed to Ambition Musik.
  • Junoflo (SMTM 5)Ā Junoflo lost to Hashswan during round three preliminaries of Show Me The Money season five. Everyone was sad to see him go, including the judges who had to make the difficult decision to let him go. He signed to Feel Ghood Music when the season ended.
  • PenomecoĀ — Although it’s his first time on Show Me The Money, Penomeco is known for his features for Korean hip hop artists like Zico and Babylon. His appearance on SMTM 6 is highly-anticipated.
  • BIGONEĀ — It’s the first time on Show Me The Money for BIGONE, but he’s labelmates with the likes of Nucksal. So, we can expect big things from him, too.
  • Young B (SMTM 4, SMTM 5)Ā Young B competed on seasons four and five of Show Me The Money, but it wasn’t until he competed on season one of High School Rapper that he proved his worth as one of the best Korean rappers in the Korean hip hop scene.
  • NO:ELĀ NO:EL also competed on High School Rapper but bowed out of the show due to an uncontrollable controversy surrounding his personal life. He’s back, bringing his signature style and flow that shocked even a Korean hip hop veteran like Swings with him.
  • and more, such as Qwala (SMTM 2), Tarae (SMTM 2, SMTM 3), New Champ (SMTM 3, SMTM 4) Microdot (SMTM 4), Hanhae (SMTM 4), Boi B and Jigooin of Rhythm Power (SMTM 5), Business (SMTM 5), Jin Doggae (SMTM 5), Yoon Byungho (Bully the Bastard) Punchnello and Truedy.

Team Zico and Dean

“We don’t know what to expect, but you can expect us to be trendy and on top.” – Dean

“We’re confident when it comes to producing songs, but we have to give up on having fun for now to focus on the show.” – Zico

Team Jay Park and Dok2

“Based on what we’ve heard, we’re the most popular.” – Jay Park

Team Dynamic Duo

“We’re veterans.” – Choiza

“We want to pick the best rappers and sign them to our record label.” – Choiza

Team Tiger JK and Bizzy

“We’ll come in third place. Choiza and Gaeko will come in last.” – Tiger JK

“Our rivals are Jay Park and Dok2, but Bizzy will work out and come back with a before and after that will make even Jay Park jealous.” – Tiger JK

Preliminaries:Ā Round 1

Over 12,000 Korean rappers (and Korean rapper wannabes) auditioned for SMTM 6. The judges weren’t ready for the first round of preliminaries, but they jumped right in, anyway.

  • A lot of the contestants were afraid of Tiger JK and gave up before they even got started.
  • Dok2 accused Bizzy of keeping the chains for himself so he could take them back home with him. His standards were so high, and he didn’t give one to anyone in the first group he judged.
  • Choiza was being nicer than normal as he judged contestant after contestant, which the judges and producers of Show Me The Money pointed out.
  • Gaeko referred to himself and Choiza as the “stupid” boys next door, and they were both all smiles (at least on camera).
  • Zico and Dean were both praised for being the best looking, but their judging wasn’t pretty. Contestant after contestant failed to meet their high standards.
  • MC Hansai and Onesun, first generation Korean rappers, were “killed” by Dean, who refused to give Onesun a second chance when he asked for one.
  • Zico was only soft and sweet for the young baby-faced rappers, who made Show Me The Money seem more like an episode of Elementary School Rapper.



Punchnello (HIGHGRND) is a staple in the Korean hip hop scene. He’s featured on songs such as the viral hit “Eung Freestyle” and performed at The Henz Club. Tiger JK handed him a chain with no hesitation.

They’re all the same. / They’re obsessed with failure, all day. / What’s there to worry about. / The way I look at it, there’s nothing hard about keeping your mouth shut and hustling. / Even if night and day trade places, just go with the flow. / Just livin’ life, your way. / I do what I want. / I chill with good people. / I fill it up until I’m happy. / I just go after what I want. / If I don’t go after it, then it’ll go away. Gotta get up, time’s money. / Don’t worry, don’t worry. / Either way, time will tell. / Everyday I groove to Feel Good Music (play on words with Feel Ghood Music, Tiger JK’s record label) that gets me up and keeps me going.

Cho Woochan


At just 13 years old, Cho Woochan’s favorite thing in life is rap. Gaeko was impressed by his fresh style and flow, his knowing gaze and natural gestures and gave the novice a chain.

This song is for fake rappers. / Almost everyone here is a wannabe rapper. / I thought I caught something. Yeah, I felt a tug on my fishing pole. / It’s time for me to shine. / Maybe I started too early. / Honestly, these days they’re all the same. / I’m so sick of the game, because they’re all the same. / I’m rare. / I’m here. Yeah, a lil’ kid is rapping. / I’m short. I’m skilled enough to catch up. Don’t look down on me for being young. / I’ve got time like money. / I’m going to rise to the top slowly. / Invest in me and you’ll get the highest dividends. / Right now, I’ve got no fame and no chain. I’ve got nothing, never had something. / But if you invest in me, it’ll be the best thing. / I’m a bet you can’t lose.

Hash Swan


Gaeko said he was a fan before Hash Swan even started rapping, and he handed him a chain once he was through, further fueling the rivalry between him and Junoflo.

Yeah. Filming, filming. I used my mom’s money to pay for a taxi. / Finally, after arriving at Sangam-dong, the price was 10,000 Korean won. / It was a close call, but I’m at Mangwon. Now, I’m not even interested in my mom’s (?). / These days I’m feeling like the universe. / I’m Hollywood’s Matt Damon. / Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, every day and every day is payday again. / I will become the main symbol of a swan. Now, I’m in the chain gang (play on words for SMTM 6 rappers who receive chains). / I’m warning you in advance. You don’t belong here with me. / Yeah, my name is HASH.



Junoflo didn’t come to Korea to play. After getting off to a shaky start, he slipped into his flow like the Junoflo we know and got a chain from Gaeko, too.

Yeah. I don’t hesitate to exceed your expectations. / If you’re not crazy, then you’ll know what I mean. Don’t interrupt me. / Even though I have a goal, I don’t need a map to get there. / Even though the road is rough, I believe in myself and keep going there. / I get that adrenaline, rushing soon as I rush in. / You see two of me with your vision, as if you’re drunken. / Makin’ sure that my shine is hitting four corners when I be popping up. / The higher I rise, the more they criticize. / The lower and darker it gets, the clearer the light shines. / From LA to Uijeongbu, gather the light. I don’t fight. / I don’t wanna waste my killer verses on ya’ll. / The dream is far from ya’ll, but it’s close to me. / No matter how hard you try, your dream is not reality. / Junoflo is back (say my name): handicap.

Young B


Jay Park and Dok2 accused Young B of being greedy. After all, he just won season one of High School Rapper, and now he’s back on Show Me The Money for the third time.

Yes, Young B is back, and he’s not afraid to show what he’s got anymore. Choiza liked what he saw, and the talented, trendy rapperĀ passed round one easily.

Check. Yo, students. Borrow my rhymes. / It’s the b flow. If you wanna learn, then stand in line. / You need a studio MC. Are you watching? I’m giving you rap lessons. I feel on. / Young B, I level up one more time. You have to tell your friends. / Tell them they can’t contain me. Gather all the kids who want to win High School Rapper. / Yeah, yeah. It’s the D (D stands for DickKids crew). We will fly. We made this. / We’re coming, so get ready. You’ve been warned. / We comin’ through with the spread out.



NO:EL and Young B were touted as a Blacknut and Song Min-ho level rivalry for this season of Show Me The Money. Although NO:EL barely impressed Jay Park with his rap skill, he passed round one preliminaries.

Even when people make it to the top, they just look down on the bottom. / You lied when you said you loved me. / I’ve got more brothers (his labelmates), and we’re sitting together. / Seogyo-dong studio. / Now, I’m free. Gotta made it be. Gotta work. / I don’t even know how many songs I wrote and threw away last week. / Cause me and it get out. / I thought this sh*t would be different. / C Jamm was right. No one is here to rap. They’re just here to fight.

Boi B


Bizzy turned away from Boi B and told him he would only listen to his rap, refusing to look at him while he spit verses with a big voice and a bombarding flow. It was a no-brainer, and Boi B was given a chain by Bizzy.

It’s time for you to find out. / The camera is filming me again, letting ya’ll know who’s best. / B O I B the don. You already know my name. / For half-a**ed rappers, rapping here for 60 seconds is too long, but! / I have to show them the difference between us. / I’ll show you. Watch me put myself on top.

Jigooin, a Korean rapper in Rhythm and Power with Boi B, forgot his lyrics and failed to pass. Tiger JK blamed himself, but it wasn’t his fault.


Zico put Sleepy on pause to listen to Penomeco, who is in a crew (Fanxy Child) with him and Dean. His high-toned, highly unique voice filled the arena. All eyes and ears were on him as he got a chain from Gaeko, who asked to hear him rap one more time.

I made a piece of art. Even before drawing a picture, I’m Davinchi. Success is my Mona Lisa. / I made a piece of art again. While smiling, Jesus peace. / My mom taught me no more reason. God bless ’em. / I asked myself, “Am I going to fall from here?” / Man, I don’t know the future. What it’s gon’ be. / I’m going to slow down and breathe for a second. / I learned how to take a deep breath for moments like this. / Tie your hands behind your back and watch me, from the bottom to the top. / God d*mn it, I got ’em.



Nucksal needs no introduction. The judges stopped what they were doing and a crowd of contestants gathered around him as he rapped in front of Dok2, who was more than happy to hand him a chain when his verse was through.

More caffeine, a city that’s lost sleep. / Everyone wants to leave, Dorothy in the storm. / Whether you’re the father or the son, you forget who you are after being threatened in the place where you came from. / I’m naked. I believe in myself. / The Merchant of Venice asked me to pay a heavy price, but there’s no chance in Hell I’ll sell my soul—not even a slice. / Those clowns are fussin’ and fightin’. / Yeah, come guess how heavy I am. Tell me how many zeros are on the scale. / My soul is weightless. It can never be tied down. / I’m flying up, up and away. / You’re still hiding behind security and safety, staring at the people around you carefully because you care about what they think. / Ā Is just breathing enough to be considered living? / We shine the brightest when we’re being ourselves.

And More

BIGONE, the good-looking member of Vismajor (Don Mills said he is the Jay Park of Vismajor, although he probably meant the Gray of Vismajor), had to rap twice before Bizzy reluctantly handed him a chain.

DigiryĀ of Honey Family, the Wu Tan Clan of Korean hip hop according to Gaeko, was the third first-generation Korean rapper to compete on SMTM 6. He passed, getting a chain from Gaeko, but not without some controversy surrounding his rap skill by both contestants and judges.

Woo WonjaeĀ was one of the few brand new faces to make it past round one auditions. His rap was close to being completely censored due to the graphic nature of his lyrics, which came deep from his heart. Tiger JK was thankful, and so was Woo Wonjae, who had grown up listening to Tiger JK.

Absinthe,Ā Na SangwookĀ and Heesun Lee were standout contestants in New York while RekstizzyĀ andĀ Los and were standout contestants in LA. Los, who has a nine year old son named Brian and went through a lot of hard times in LA, has only been rapping in Korean for four or five months. Dok2 and Jay Park were both impressed by his performance.

Look. I’m not interested in other rappers. You weren’t there for me when times were hard. / To tell you the truth, I’m a rapping foreigner with tattoos on my face. I’m comin’. / You don’t want me to show my face? I’m ’bout to be a problem. / I’ll show you what’s real. Follow me. We mobbin’. My kids told me bring back a million bucks. / So, I’m in the kitchen, working and cookin’ upĀ ddeok (Korean rice cakes). / Cycadelic Records, you know what we’re about. These other cats are so played out. / Watch me take all of this Korean money. If you want to try me, come on. / Black ski mask with it. I’m on a killin’ spree. / After I kill everyone: Hail Mary, call the priest. / If you look at my skills, I’m a rap monster. / While ya’ll were in school, I was gettin’ brain in the bathroom of the Galleria. / Go getter. Flame spitter. I’m the one who will make it to the top.


ā‡’ Stay tuned for more episode summaries of Show Me The Money season six and find out what happens to the legendary Double K on episode two!


  • I’ve provided rough Korean to English translations for this episode and apologize for any and all errors in advance.
  • The Korean girls only seem to be on the show to provide split second reactions for the Korean guys, especially the good-looking ones.
  • Tiger JK isn’t THAT scary, but I would be nervous if I had to talk let alone rap in front of him, too.
  • Between the tape and the tattoos, I’d choose the tattoos.
  • Dok2 has no patience for bad rappers, and he rushed to get to both Los and Nucksal without looking back at the contestants he left behind. He smiled as soon as he was standing in front of them, like a kid in a candy store.
  • Zico told two contestants to wait so he could listen to other rappers, Penomeco and Nucksal.
  • Jay Park is adorable and dorky as always, but I felt so bad for him when one of the contestants started to strip. He must be a fan of Blacknut, who took off his pants during his own preliminary round one auditions.
  • Right now, my favorite is Boi B, and I’m glad to see him back on Show Me The Money! Although, now I know why everyone picked Nucksal to win. . . .