KRNB2 Part. 1 by Jinbo: Making the Album

Sneak Peek: Jinbo dropped KRNB2 Part. 1 on June 16, 2017. From the sketch to the studio to the sound coming out of your earphones, here’s how the magic was made.

On June 15, 2017 Jinbo “The Super Freak” held a press conference and album preview for KRNB2 Part. 1. After introducing himself and the album, he said that it was produced and packaged with women in mind.

A Korean girl with gold hoop earrings and the phrase “Korean Babes” are both a part of the cover art. Don’t judge an album by it’s cover, unless it’s Jinbo’s. He wanted to make music for women, who he believes are the face of the world.

After being lucky enough to listen to KRNB2 Part. 1 first, it’s easily one of the Korean hip hop albums of the year, joining the ranks of Loco’s Bleached and Sik-K’s H.A.L.F (Have.A.Little.Fun).

Go to KRNB2 Part. 1 by Jinbo: Press Conference & Album Preview

Making KRNB2 Part. 1

During the press conference and album preview for KRNB2 Part. 1, Jinbo shared several behind the scenes stories from the making of “Lovers As Old As Time” feat. G. Soul and “In A Manner Of Speaking” feat. Crush and Hoody. Here they are.

Making “Lovers As Old As Time (아주 오래된 연인들)” feat. G. Soul

Jinbo sketched “Lovers As Old As Time” and “Apt.” while he was in Bali. For “Lovers As Old As Time”, he was inspired by Beat, a Korean classic starring everyone’s favorite Korean actor Jung Woosung, and Akira. He chose to incorporate sounds from them, making listening to the song more similar to watching a movie.

When choosing a genre for the remake, he stayed away from pop and ballad. Either one of them would have been an all too obvious choice. He really wanted to create a total remake of the original song, even going so far as to forget what the lyrics mean so he could focus on expressing his creativity to the fullest.

Jinbo was surprised when G. Soul chose to feature on this song. He said that he picked it because it was unique, surprising Jinbo. He’s highly anticipating what G. Soul will bring to the Korean hip hop scene now that he’s signed with H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS.

Making “In A Manner Of Speaking (말하자면)” feat. Crush and Hoody

Jinbo collaborated with Crush, Hoody and Lee Hyundo, who was in a Korean hip hop duo called Deux with the late Kim Sungjae, to recreate “In A Manner Of Speaking”.

Lee Hyundo is 10 years his senior while Crush is 10 years his junior, which made coming up with the right remake a reminder of how much things have changed for Korean hip hop, especially Korean R&B.

A song about a shy guy who doesn’t have the courage to confess his feelings to a very, very cool girl, Crush was the perfect singer and the perfect actor. Jinbo said that he would often hype himself up whether he was inside or outside of the studio, which made working together a producer’s dream come true.

Crush and Hoody both gave him goosebumps while they recorded their parts for “In A Manner Of Speaking”, and Lee Hyundo helped with the production and the performance.

Jinbo and Lee Hyundo have a lot more in common than a love for hip hop. They lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same elementary school. He said that made him feel closer to Lee Hyundo, and now he considers him both a brother and a mentor.

By building a bridge between the Korean pop songs of the past and the Korean, American and more people of the present, Jinbo was able to make KRNB2 Part. 1 much more than a remake album.

It’s an attempt, a successful one, to say (and sing) what the current global generation is thinking and feeling through songs sure to be listened to by generation after generation.



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