KRNB2 Part. 1 by Jinbo: Press Conference & Album Preview

Sneak Peek: Jinbo held a press conference and album preview for KRNB2 Part. 1 on June 15, 2017. Here’s what happened.

Jinbo “The Super Freak” is a self-proclaimed rookie Korean R&B singer despite the fact that his career is two years past the decade mark. He’s featured on tracks for a wide variety of mainstream and underground Korean hip hop artists, won R&B/Soul Album of the year and even established his own Korean hip hop record label, SuperFreak Records.

Five years after dropping KRNB (pronounced “Korean B”), an album featuring Korean R&B remakes of twelve classic and contemporary Korean pop songs, Jinbo is ready to drop KRNB2 Part. 1. Following in the footsteps of his first effort, it features Korean R&B remakes of four classic and contemporary Korean pop songs.

KRNB2 Part. 1: The Track List

*English titles for “말하자면”, “아주 오래된 연인들” and “아파트”, respectively, are by Jin Joo and are subject to change.

  1. TT feat. Sumin
  2. Lovers As Old As Time* feat. G. Soul
  3. Apt.* feat. Nahzamsue
  4. In A Manner Of Speaking* feat. Crush and Hoody

KRNB2 Part. 1: The Original Songs

1. “TT” by Twice (2016)

2. “아주 오래된 연인들” by 015B (1992)

3. “아파트” by Yoon Sooil (1982)

4. “말하자면” by Kim Sungjae (1995)

Featuring top Korean R&B singers like Sumin, G. Soul, Crush and Hoody, KRNB2 Part. 1 is a remake album made by Korean R&B people, for Korean R&B pride. It represents Jinbo as much as it represents Korean R&B in the Korean hip hop scene right here, right now.

With that being said, KRNB2 Part. 1 isn’t what you might expect a typical remake album to be, because it does more (much more) than make Korean R&B influenced covers of classic and contemporary Korean pop songs. Each song featured on the album was remade—was revisited and revised—with the current global generation in mind.

Now, apartments are the most common place to call home in South Korea. The transformation of the apartment—of home—was brought to life and light in “Apt.” by introducing Jinbo’s own memories of his childhood. Like many of South Korea’s youth, it was spent in the shade of an apartment.

When asked about his obsession with remakes, Jinbo responded that it’s actually not an obsession at all. Over a decade after he debuted, he chose to continue the theme started by KRNB (an album he produced and performed, mixed and mastered alone), because he wanted to chase away the loneliness he felt early on in his career.

It’s a loneliness that followed Jinbo extensively throughout his career, but he was finally able to collaborate with fellow Korean R&B singers (both concrete and up-and-coming) in the current Korean hip hop scene, creating happier music for his fans and happier memories for himself.

Jinbo’s Behind The Scenes Story

“TT” is a popular K-pop song, but it came out so recently that this is the first time it’s being remade. We got permission from Black Eyed Pilseung to remake the song, but we also needed permission from JYP.

We spent weeks going to a bar JYP is known to frequent, hoping we would get the chance to meet him and make him fall in love with our remake of “TT.”

I finally met JYP on a Friday night, around 9 p.m. In fact, Sumin had just got back to Korea (she had activities in Japan) and was able to make it to the bar in time to meet him, too.

We let JYP listen to the song, even putting the earphones in his ears. After listening to the song, he pulled the earphones out of his ears and cursed, saying “It’s so good!”

If 2016 was The Year of The Korean Rapper, then 2017 will be the Year of The Korean R&B Singer; and, in 2017 Jinbo hopes to gain recognition as a Korean R&B singer—not just another Korean hip hop artist (he often gets confused for a Korean rapper).

Having been lucky enough to listen to KRNB2 Part. 1 before it drops on June 16, 2017, Jinbo is sure to gain the recognition he desires along with the respect he deserves. With both talent and technique, he blows even the top Korean R&B singers like Dean out of the water.

Currently, Jinbo is filming a music video for an undisclosed song on KRNB2 Part. 1. He’s especially excited to see more of Sumin and G. Soul, who recently left JYP and joined the ranks of H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS.

Jinbo is also working on an exclusive, four-part interview with Slay In Korea, so stay tuned. It’s coming soon.

Go to KRNB2 Part. 1 by Jinbo: Making The Album



  1. It is quite unfair to compare Dean to Jinbo as the former is still a junior while the other is a highly acclaimed force in Korean R&B, especially in the underground scene. However, if I have to judge them based on their first few releases in their career, Jinbo is far ahead, not only in terms of his talent as a producer but also of how smarter he is in using his voice.

    1. It is, isn’t it? But for international fans who only know Dean, I want them to realize how much of a treat (and threat) Jinbo really is in the Korean R&B scene!

      I would say Jinbo has it all, tone, talent and technique. Dean, tone and talent. Of course, Dean gets better and better. It’ll be fun to watch both artists grow!! 🙂


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