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Who’s Who in H1GHR MUSIC: The Hip Hop Artists from Seoul

Sneak Peek: Sik-K, Woogie, GroovyRoom, and pH-1 of H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS.


Jay Park, the co-CEO of AOMG and all-around artist who raps, sings, dances, and does even more than all of that, and his long-time friend and labelmate Cha Cha Malone, the voice behind “I need a Cha Cha beat, boy,” stunned the Korean hip hop scene in the middle of 2017 by forming a brand new, new wave Korean hip hop record label: H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS.


Together, Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone established a global hip hop record label, H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS, snatching up some serious but sometimes label-less talent in South Korea and North America; namely, in their hometown of Seattle, Washington.

Current Artists

  • Sik-K
  • Woogie
  • GroovyRoom (Park Gyujeong and Lee Hwimin)
  • pH-1
  • Yultron
  • Raz Simone
  • Jarv Dee
  • Avatar Darko
  • Phe REDS (Remember Every Dream Stolen)
  • and more

One of the first but not the only global hip hop record label to hit the Korean hip hop scene, H1GHR MUSIC is crossing borders and breaking barriers, cementing itself as the future of hip hop right from its larger than life beginning.

The New Wave Rappers & Producers From Seoul

  1. Sik-K
  2. Woogie
  3. GroovyRoom (Park Gyujeong and Lee Hwimin)
  4. pH-1

H1GHR MUSIC is home to some of the hottest Korean rappers and producers such as Sik-K and GroovyRoom, a duo of Korean producers.

1. Sik-K

Sik-K, who is also well known as a member of Yelows Mob, and Jay Park go way back, starting with when they first met on season four of Show Me The Money. Although he faced an early elimination on Show Me The Money, he continued to work with Jay Park, who featured on his hit song, “Alcohol.”

Sik-K also featured on Jay Park’s album, Everything You Wanted, lending his smooth voice and sexy vibes to the song “Alone Tonight.” During a Korean Assassin’s Party at Octagon, one of the few Korean hip hop clubs, bars, and lounges in Gangnam, Sik-K was even Jay Park’s opening act. They brought the house down with hit song after hit song. So, it comes as no surprise that he signed to H1GHR MUSIC.

Sik-K dropped his second EP, H.A.L.F (Have.A.Little.Fun), soon after signing to H1GHR MUSIC. It’s already sweeping Korean hip hop fans off of their feet, and it features some of the best features.

H.A.L.F (Have.A.Little.Fun) Track List

  1. “RING RING” feat. Gaeko
  2.  “Party (SHUT DOWN)” feat. Crush (English Lyrics)
  3. “FLY” (English Lyrics)
  4. “Henny”
  5. “Chit Chat Ting” feat. Herr Nayne
  6. “Too Many” feat. Jay Park (English Lyrics)
  7. “Interlude: 24 7 365”
  8. “XYZ” feat. Simon Dominic and The Quiett
  9. “아주 조금 (A Lil’ Bit)”
  10. “이해해줘 (Somebody Else)”
  11. “Have A Little Fun” feat. DPR Live

2. Woogie

Sik-K’s “Alcohol” and Jay Park’s “Alone Tonight” were both produced by Woogie, who has also produced songs for everyone from Bryan Chase to B-Free to So Ji Sub, one of South Korea’s top actors.

Agruably, Cha Cha Malone and Gray are the top two veteran producers in Korean hip hop. They’re both signed to AOMG. Together with Jay Park, Cha Cha Malone made sure to sign the top two rookie producers in Korean hip hop to H1GHR MUSIC: Woogie and GroovyRoom. The only thing arguable about that is whether or not they’re actually rookies!

3. GroovyRoom

GroovyRoom is a duo consisting of Yelows Mob members Park Gyujeong and Lee Hwimin. They have produced songs for everyone from Bill Stax (formerly known as Vasco) to Nucksal to Hyolyn and Changmo.

However, GroovyRoom is best known for producing “Eung Freestyle“, the viral hit that swept hip hop fans around the world away after it was featured on YouTube and favorited by popular American celebrities.

4. pH-1

Last but not least, pH-1 has worked closely with the Korean hip hop artists at Korean hip hop rookie record label MKIT Rain, especially with Korean rappers Owen Ovadoz and Nafla.

As one half of Sous Chef, a Korean hip hop duo also featuring Owen Ovadoz, pH-1 released “New Wave Attitude” featuring Nafla, Jay Park, and Kim Hyoeun of Ambition Musik.



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