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YouTube Playlist: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Sneak Peek: A YouTube playlist featuring nine songs like "So Bad" by Loco.

As a writer and blogger, I always want to tell a story. Based on nine songs like “So Bad” by Loco featuring Sik-K, this “themetrack” is about the ups and downs of being in love when you’ve got it bad (so bad).

  1. “My Body Erased You (Skit)” by LeeSsang
  2. “Take Care of You” by Giriboy
  3. “Mood Swing” by Seulong ft. Blacknut
  4. “So Bad” by Loco ft. Sik-K (English Lyrics)
  5. “You and I” by Crush
  6. “Habibi” by Sik-K
  7. “ADY” by Boi B ft. Sik-K
  8. “JOA” by Gary ft. Jay Park
  9. “Blurred Lines” by Cheetah ft. Hanhae
  10. “Beside Me” by Code Kunst ft. BewhY, YDG & Suran

Image Designed by Elizabeth Tong



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